Ready to learn Spanish?

Spanish lessons tailored to your needs - for all levels:

  • icono avión Are you thinking of moving to a Spanish-speaking country?
  • icono examen Do you need to pass an important exam?
  • bandera españa Do you want to learn Spanish from scratch?
  • icono flecha Do you need to improve your current level?
  • icono confetti Do you want to learn Spanish just for fun?
The best thing about the online lessons is that they are tailored to your needs, whatever your level. Just tell me what you need during your free trial lesson so that I can design the best lessons for you. We will work together so that you can reach your desired level using different exercises that cover vocabulary, grammar, listening and reading activities, dialogue, and games.
All lessons are 50 minutes long and include:
  • Personalised materials adapted
    to your needs
  • Flexible schedule
  • Continuous assessment
  • Motivation and constant support
  • Homework correction (optional)
How do the online lessons work?
If it’s the first time you are taking online lessons and you aren’t sure about how they work, don’t worry, it’s really quite simple! First, have a look at these excerpts from real lessons with my students, and then I’ll tell you more about the tools we use in class below.

We’ll use this app to make video calls with the best possible quality. Plus, its many options allow us to share our screens or write down anything we need. Instead of Zoom, we could also use Skype, if necessary.

Google Drive

It will be our best ally when it comes to organising our courses. With Google Drive, we will share folders and documents for every lesson, so you always have access to your class notes and all the materials used.


The materials that we’ll employ will depend on the type of lessons you want, but we usually use visual materials like pictures, infographics, short films, or songs on YouTube. We also work with reading, grammar and vocabulary activities, interactive games, and digital course books.

Do you have any questions?

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